2021 Kiwanis Amateur Pipes & Drumming Competition

Presented by the Western Branch, PPBSO

Competitors must be current members of the Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario in order to collect Champion Supreme Points but all amateur musicians are welcome to compete. PPBSO accredited judges will rank contestants and offer written comments at the end of each contest.


Highland dress is suggested (except Practice chanter & Practice Pad). Kilt, shirt, hose and shoes are the minimum requirement.


All competitors are required to upload their video to YouTube. Videos do not have to be public, but must be either public or unlisted (see here for more information on how to set your privacy settings By selecting unlisted, you will still be able to share your video with the PPBSO (and the judge) without it being publicly available.


Competitors are asked to complete their registration form (including payment) and submit their performance video by emailing with the YouTube video link, indicating which event the video is for, your name and tune(s) by May 16th at 11:59pm. If you are registered for more than one event, you will need to submit a video and link for each event. Participants must be paid in full to be included in the competition.


The PPBSO rules will govern the format and requirements for all contests. For clarification of any rules or tune requirements, consult


Additionally, please observe the following rules:


All video submissions must start with the competitor stating your name, the name of the tune(s), and the name of the contest (for example Kiwanis Piping & Drumming online contest for May 23rd, etc). These are important to help ensure that your submission is unique for this contest.


Tune selections will be “own choice” for all competitions.


We request that pipers attempt to adhere to the tuning times (3 minutes for light music).


Snare drummers may play on a snare drum or practice pad. Tenor and bass may play on a drum or hard surface. Accompaniment to drumming is not necessary though competitors are encouraged to play with a piper or recording. Please ensure that the recording is loud enough to be heard on the video (you might have to experiment with placement of your equipment). You are free to play along with the recordings for snare drummers on our website


Please leave your video posted until the competition results have been announced.